Albert Dux
English Name Albert Dux
Romanized Name Arubāto Dokkusu
Japanese Name アルバートドックス
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Gender Male
First appearance The Assassination Play
Last appearance The Assassination Play
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryunosuke Ohbayashi
English John Swasey

Seems like quite the villain.
— Mireille Bouquet, referring to Dux

Albert Dux was a wealthy businessman and the primary target of the episode "The Assassination Play". His female partner claimed that her husband was killed by Dux and hired Noir to kill him; however, Dux and his partner were actually hired by someone, presumably the Soldats, to attempt to kill Noir, and set up the assassination. He is killed by Kirika.


Dux's outfit consists of a navy blue suit, light blue shirt and black tie. He has small, upturned brown eyes and very thick eyebrows. He has defined cheekbones, frown lines, and a goatee. He has medium-length light brown hair which is parted in the middle.


Dux only appears in The Assassination Play.

Towards the beginning of the episode, Mireille gets a job request from a woman who claims to be the widow of the former president of a company called Vanier who got into a car accident. However, the widow believes the car crash was no accident, and that he was in fact killed by Dux, who used the accident as a front.

Mireille finds out that Dux recently purchased a resort hotel and is staying in a suite there to make remodeling arrangements before its opening. She sees this as a perfect opportunity to strike, and enters the hotel with Kirika. When she arrives at his suite, Dux says he is surprised to see that she is Noir, as his henchmen begin to come out of the shadows with her at gunpoint and he demands her to drop her weapon. However, Kirika kills two men outside and manages to distract Dux, allowing Mireille to escape.

Dux orders his henchmen to seal off the hotel. He tries to communicate with "Squad C", one of the groups of guards, but they are unresponsive, as Mireille and Kirika killed them. He then demands that him and his men enter "Plan 3".

Mireille and Kirika enter the casino, while Dux shuts off the power. Him and his men begin to pile into the casino with night-vision goggles on. However, him and two others step on pieces of a broken chandelier which notifies Kirika of his whereabouts. Kirika shoots and kills him.