English Name Burke
Romanized Name Baku
Japanese Name  バーク
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

Atride Corporation

First appearance The Sound of Waves
Last appearance The Sound of Waves
Voice Actors
Japanese Masamichi Satoh
English Illich Guardiola

Burke is one of Hammond's right-hand men, the other being Wellman, and one of the targets in the episode "The Sound of Waves". He works for the Atride Corporation as Hammond's assistant. He is killed by Mireille.


Burke is fairly tan, with small, almond-shaped, upturned brown eyes, short messy black hair, and a heart-shaped face. He wears a faded brown suit and a lighter brown tie with a white shirt underneath.


Burke is first introduced when Hammond first appears, after Tanner and Foster, two members of the Atride Corporation, are killed at a party by Mireille and Kirika. He stands directly next to Wellman and right in front of Hammond's desk. The corporation is organizing a coup d'etat in the country of Ulgia, but the country's Minister of Defense, General Canora, has become apprehensive about it due to the deaths of Tanner and Foster. Burke thinks that Canora has gone crazy.

While in the car the next day, Burke explains to Hammond that they are looking into who killed Tanner and Foster, but that it will take a long time because they are going through everyone that the company has ever worked with. The two stop at his office, and Wellman later brings a letter with a map and "Noir" written on a location. Burke explains that Noir are top-level assassins and that this is a huge clue in the case. Hammond demands that the two assistants send troops to the location, and they do.

Mireille and Kirika manage to escape the soldiers, to Hammond's surprise. Burke explains to Hammond that the troops who were killed tried to barge into the house without attempting to meet up with the main troops. Hammond asks the two men to go to the scene and return to give him a full report.

However, when the two go into a car to go to the scene, they are both shot and killed by Mireille.