English Name Foster
Romanized Name Fosuta
Japanese Name  フォスター
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Gender Male

Atride Corporation

First appearance The Sound of Waves
Last appearance The Sound of Waves
Voice Actors
Japanese Kouichi Nagano
English Rob Mungle

By next year, [Ulgia]'s population will be halved.

Foster is a minor character in "The Sound of Waves". He is a guard at a party during the beginning of the episode who works for the Atride Corporation. He is killed during his smoke break by Mireille.


Foster is hefty, with small blue eyes and small, thin eyebrows. He has grey hair and a buzzcut. He wears a black suit and matching bowtie.


During a party at the beginning of "The Sound of Waves", Foster takes a smoke break aside from the other people. Mireille comes up to him and begins to rub on him seductively. She then reaches into his jacket pocket, pulling out his pistol, and kills him offscreen.