Milosh Havul
English Name Milosh Havul
Romanized Name
Japanese Name  
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Gender Male
First appearance Season of Hell
Last appearance Season of Hell
Voice Actors
Japanese Toshihiko Seki
English Jay Hickman

Appeared in episode 13 "Season of Hell" (地獄の季節).


Milosh Havul is a Czechoslovakian man, about 35 years old, living in Paris. Now that Czechoslovakia is separated into Czech Republic and Slovakia, he does not know if he is Czech or Slovakian. He used to fight in the Foreign Legion. For fighting in Guiana, Africa, he received a medal. He likes painting, but during his painting sessions he thinks about rejoining the Foreign legion.

Milosh appears to be a lonely, non-judgmental, kind-hearted person. As far as known, he has no wife/husband/kids. He does not know what he should do what his life, or where he belongs. Later on, he decides to rejoin the Foreign legion, because he thinks that's the only thing he is good at ("getting a medal for shooting people"). That same day, when the sun is setting, Milosh dies in a drive-by-shooting.


Milosh got befriended with Kirika when he was painting at the Seine in Paris. Kirika decides she wants to paint as well, and Mireille buys a sketchbook for her. When Milosh goes to his painting spot at the Seine he finds Kirika sitting there. Mireille suggested twice to Kirika not see Milosh again, but Kirika still joins Milosh during the painting sessions.

When standing in front of the arts supply shop Milosh tells Kirika he used to paint in Africa whenever he had time. He tells her to keep on painting too. He says goodbye, and walks down the street. Kirika then sees the art supply she knows Milosh likes in the shopping window. She decides to buy it and runs after Milosh. When she catches up and calls his name, he faces towards her. Milosh sees a car stopping at the crossing behind Kirika's back. Christian Galle sits in the the passenger seat, shooting at Kirika with an automatic firearm. However, Kirika jumps away and Milosh got hit. Kirika runs up to Milosh and holds him in her arms. He sees Kirika holding a gun in her right hand and is shocked by the fact she owns a gun. Seconds later he accepts that she is who she is, and does not judge the path she follows in her life. Milosh dies in Kirika's hands on a paved road in Paris.


The friendship between Milosh and Kirika had an impact on Kirika finding her identity and path of life. As Milosh found himself belonging to Foreign Legion, Kirika realizes she is more of an assassin than a painter.