Director Kōichi Mashimo
Writer Ryoe Tsukimura
Episodes 26
Episode length 24 minutes
Original Run April 6, 2001

– September 27, 2001

This article is about the anime. For the group, see Noir.

Noir (ノワール, Nowāru?) is a Japanese anime that aired in 2001. It was created by Bee Train.

The story follows Mireille and Kirika in the year 2010[1], two young female assassins who meet when Kirika sends a message to Mirielle to "make a pilgrimage for the past." They join together under the codename Noir that holds more secrets to their intertwined pasts.

As the two assassins continue their journey, they find out that a secret organization, Les Soldats, has something to do with them their new codename.

After Noir was created, the girls-with-guns franchise became more popular and Bee Train produced two more spiritual successors: Madlax and El Cazador de Bruja.


  • ADV first released Noir in English between February 18th and October 28th in 2003.
  • After ADV's downfall, Funimation bought the license for Noir on November 1st, 2010 and has re-released it as an anime classic on August 9th, 2011.
  • In Australia and the UK, Madman Entertainment holds the license.