Pierre Cressoy
English Name Pierre Cressoy
Romanized Name Piēru Cressoa
Japanese Name ピエール
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Gender Male

People's Armed Alliance

First appearance Daily Bread
Last appearance Daily Bread
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Yanaka
English Andy McAvin

There's no fool like a ferocious dog that's loyal to his master.

Pierre Cressoy was a key officer in the leading faction of a far-right French terrorist group known as the People's Armed Alliance, and one of two main targets in the episode "Daily Bread", the other being Jean Jacques Legrand. He was sold a list of the names of members of the Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (GIGN) from Jean, and gave Jean information and money in return. He was killed by Mireille.


Pierre wears a loose-fitting, dark brown suit over a faded blue shirt with a light brown tie. His eyes are sunken and he has defined frown lines and cheekbones. He has short, blonde hair, with a prominent widow's peak, and a heart-shaped face. He is light-skinned.


Pierre only appears in "Daily Bread".

Pierre is first seen after Jean attends the funeral for Henri's family and goes to a restaraunt, "La Villa", where Pierre already sits. He reveals that his organization was responsible for being able to take out three GIGN officers, and thanks Jean for supplying him with their names.

Mireille explains to Kirika that one of their two targets is Pierre Cressoy, who is an officer for a terrorist group called the People's Armed Alliance, and that Jean sold names of GIGN officers to Pierre so that the group could kill them.

Later, Pierre calls Jean to meet with him at the People's Armed Alliance hideout. He explains that another faction of the Alliance has been doing things which bother him, so he kidnapped and subsequently killed one of their members in order to extort information from him. He discovered from him that Noir has been sent to kill them.

Afterwards, he hears gunshots and gathers his men to protect them. Mireille kills them and then kills Pierre.