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he Walther P99 is a pistol made in Germany by Walther Sportwaffen.

As of the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies the P99 has been the weapon of choice for the fictional character James Bond. Bond's standard issue handgun prior to the P99 was the Walther PPK.

The design of the P99 was initiated in 1994, and a handgun was presented in 1996. The main goal was to develop a new, modern-style police and self-defence handgun that incorporated all the latest developments and that would cost less than its predecessor - the Walther P88, that did not achieve any significant commercial success, mainly due to high prices.

A licensed version of the P99 is manufactured in the USA by Smith & Wesson under the name Smith&Wesson 99. These guns have USA-made slides; the frame and mechanism are made in Germany.

The P99 is reported as extremely reliable and very accurate, especially the 9mm version.


This is Mireille's chosen weapon throughout most of the anime.