English Name Wellman
Romanized Name Ueruman
Japanese Name  ウェルマン
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Gender Male

Atride Corporation

First appearance The Sound of Waves
Last appearance The Sound of Waves
Voice Actors
Japanese Shigeru Ushiyama
English Vic Mignogna

Damn did it come to this? We're just doing business.

Wellman was one of Hammond's right-hand men, the other being Burke, and one of the targets in the episode "The Sound of Waves". He works for the Atride Corporation as Hammond's assistant. He is killed by Mireille.


Wellman has shaggy, light blonde hair, which is parted in the middle. He has a long nose, small eyes, and a diamond-shaped face. He wears a navy blue suit and red tie.


Wellman is first introduced when Hammond first appears, after Tanner and Foster, two members of the Atride Corporation, are killed at a party by Mireille and Kirika. He stands directly next to Burke and right in front of Hammond's desk. The corporation is organizing a coup d'etat in the country of Ulgia, and Wellman suggests that the people who were sent to kill Tanner and Foster were possibly part of the Ulgian presidential faction. Burke reminds him that the company has done work all around the world, and that it could potentially be anyone with a grudge against them.

The next day, Wellman delivers a letter to Hammond. The letter is a map that shows the location of two top-level assassins, known as Noir. Wellman surmises that the map is a trap, to which Burke replies that it is still a helpful clue. Hammond demands that Burke and Wellman send troops to the location.

They return later to explain to Hammond that the troops were all killed by Mireille and Kirika, to which he responds by requesting that they go to the scene and report back to him. Wellman and Burke go to the bathroom, where Wellman complains that if anyone should be blamed, it's the Ulgian government. Him and Burke enter a car to go to the scene, but they are stopped in the parking lot by Mireille, who shoots and kills them both.